Ecommerce Seminar: Memoirs and Highlights

January 16, 2017
Ecommerce Seminar: Memoirs and Highlights

Last saturday, the ecommerce seminar at Novotel, Ahmedabad was a glittering success! What an amazing time we had. If you have missed the seminar, don’t feel disappointed. Here are the seminar highlights:

In the first half, Chirag spoke about three things:

  • The rising consumer trends and how these trends are creating a “perfect” opportunity for your business to be selling online
  • The second topic was about looking at ecommerce as a customer service channel that solves specific customer problem(s). Physical retail and ecommerce solves specific customer problems and they will co-exist.
  • Before the break, Chirag went on talking about the 5 types of ecommerce business models and how to find the right one for your business. He also addressed the question of selling on marketplaces and the key mindset to embrace while selling on marketplaces.

In the second half, we dived into the business of ecommerce and how to make it successful. The Three things we talked about in this section are:

  • The six components of an ecommerce business and the selection criteria to keep in mind for each of them (They are - ecommerce technology, payment gateway, logistics, team, shopping experience and marketing). A lot of business owners suffer because they often don’t know how to chose each of these components.
  • The 8 critical success factors of a persuasive shopping experience: In this section, Chirag explained about the eight factors that make or break your customer’s online shopping experience.
  • Last but not the least, I had the opportunity to share the three elements of marketing and what it takes to make your business stand out of the competition. We had an interactive session on identifying the USP for your business. Many light bulbs went ON who for the first time, understood the difference between a tagline and a USP.

In the end, we received some great feedback. Here is what people said about the seminar:

Shivani Kabra:

I'm already making an eStore with eComnation, it's called firki the store. Do shop there. What I loved about the seminar is most people make a brand logo, brand tagline but the don’t know what their brand communication is going to be. They don’t know that there TG is and what gender they are aiming as that was pretty enlighting.

Manshi Thakkar:

It’s a wonderful presentation by eComnation and I think both the brother Hrishi and Chirag are doing a wonderful job. Transforming the way India is progressing in terms of digital marketing, in terms of ecommerce the scalability of the product and they are targeting the right audience. If somebody is looking to start the business and form the strategy should approach them.

Ajay Rajpal:

Lots of people are thinking that this big website like flipkart rules the market and if you are not on those websites you cannot undergo eCommerce. I had questions in my mind weather my own ecommerce website will establish or how I will go ahead and market it and all these questions were answered. I came all the way from Bombay and I achieved what I was looking for.

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