How Starbucks Brings the Same Delightful Coffee Experience On Twitter To Increase Brand Loyalty and Promote Word of Mouth

January 17, 2017
How Starbucks Brings the Same Delightful Coffee Experience On Twitter To Increase Brand Loyalty and Promote Word of Mouth

What can you do with 140 characters on Twitter? A lot if you were to follow Starbucks’ footsteps.

Starbucks stands for seamless and consistent customer experience around the world. Starbucks brings the same experience and service on Twitter to increase customer engagement, elevate brand loyalty and spread word of mouth! In this article, I am going to show you FOUR core strategies used by Twitter to accelerate it’s success on Twitter. These strategies are so simple, yet so effective that any ecommerce brand can immediately put them to use and start leveraging the superpower of Twitter.

Unique Brand Experience

Starbucks knows that consumers have a relationship with their coffee and it did a clever job to translate the emotional connection with it’s own brand. When consumers enter the Starbucks’ Twitter page, they are immediately reminded of the familiar warm colors. Scrolling through the page, a user finds images that speak of fresh brewed coffee, friendly ‘’baristas’’ (coffee makers) and consumers enjoying their favorite coffee. The tone of the tweets are also friendly, with a lot of ‘’thank you(s)’’ thrown in the mix.

The whole experience is similar to walking in one of their coffee shops. If only, somehow they could simulate the same smell too!

User Generated Content Steals The Show

Starbucks' focus remains on content about the customer and sourced from the customer. Twitter users are encouraged to share their pictures while drinking their favorite coffee or share pictures from special events such as Birthdays, Valentine’s Day, and Father’s Day etc., or moments shared with friends at Starbucks.

The goal is to engage customers and build a relationship via Twitter.

Recently Starbucks India launched a campaign called ‘’Starbucks Funventures’’. They created hashtags such as #SipFace, #SayYes and #StarbucksFunventures to go along with the tweets and pictures. These hashtags made the campaign go viral.

Twitter as a Customer Service Channel

Since coffee is such a personal experience, a consumer wants to interact directly with the brand. For Starbucks, a Twitter user is as important as a customer walking in to the coffee shop. Hence a conversation with a Twitter user is given priority. Consumers can share their concerns, suggestions, complaints and feedbacks that are responded to quickly. This also prevents negative word of mouth. The experience is just like talking to a Starbucks employee in an actual coffee shop.

Starbucks Rewards Program on Twitter

Starbucks has a customer loyalty program called ''My Starbucks Rewards''. It enables users to earn points on each purchase and redeem them at any shop. Starbucks uses its Twitter page to address and resolve customer issues related to their rewards program.

In fact, the customer support response is so quick that customers become a fan of Starbucks and more and more people go for the rewards program.

Customer Engagement on Twitter

To have a deeper customer engagement, Starbucks created a ‘’MyStarbucksIdea’’ page – separate from their main page. Consumers can log in to the page and give ideas, suggestions and feedback about improving/enhancing or adding new flavors to their products. If an idea is given enough votes, then Starbucks actually implement those ideas too! Results are also shared online. When this page was promoted through Twitter, users went crazy about it. They also shared and encouraged their friends to vote for their ideas.

Comedy performances & Twitter

Recently, Starbucks launched a series of comedy performances at their locations across many cities in India. Information about these events is shared through their Twitter page. The hashtag #AwesomeThursdays makes it easier for the users to find and share Tweets related to these events.

Twitter represents some of the most elite and matured audience on the Internet.

Starbucks has grasped the idea that Twitter is a unique platform to share personal experiences, tastes, likes and dislikes. And it uses these human emotions skillfully to promote its brand.

If you can get Twitter users to engage with your brand in meaningful ways, it can also open up flood gates of customers to your ecommerce store.

So, what would be your Twitter strategy? Creating a customer service channel, launching a contest or simply getting Twitter users to share your product experience?

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