How to launch an effective marketing campaign in the festive season

January 17, 2017

With the dawn of monsoon, the festive season is now around the corner. It’s time for you to start planning your marketing campaign for the festive season.

The first step to launching, your marketing campaign is to discover the “why” for your customer. Why would your customers buy your product during the festive season? You already know that people spend money in buying all kinds of things during festivities. And you must seize the opportunity this year.

Here are six steps to launch an effective marketing campaign:

  • The concept
  • Craft irresistible offer
  • Create media plan
  • Craft content for each media
  • Measurement and Tracking
  • Launch and Optimize

The Concept

Most markets forget the missing link the “concept”. They launch a plain vanilla offer which is devoid of a concept. What’s a concept? The concept is a big idea or the story that attracts your customers and excites them. You must create an interesting story around the festive season to make your marketing message stand out.

Here are a few ideas to craft the Concept around your offer:

Independence day:

Headline: You are yet to get independence

Sub-headline: You are yet to get independence from sub-standard {your product} offered by some big companies. Now, you can get high quality {your product} for a bargain.

If you notice, that offers tells the story about how marketplaces offer sub-standard products and then give heavy discounts. It then goes on saying about your high quality products and then you can continue presenting your offers.


Headline: Attention, Brothers who want only the best gifts for their Sisters

Rakshabandhan comes only once a year. And it is the chance for you to express your love for your sister in a special way. Presenting, the ultimate gift a brother can give to the sister.

Notice the above story is about love and affection. It’s much better than saying “Rakhi offer - get 50% off”. It has an emotional message tied to your marketing campaign.

Please feel free to use the above idea in your marketing campaign. They are copyright free.

Craft Irresistible Offer

Once you have created a concept, craft an irresistible offer. Don’t copy big dumb companies in crafting offers. Simply giving 50% discount or buy one get two free won’t get you anywhere. It will only cut down your profits. Here are a few examples of irresistible offers:

Buy {your products} before 15th August and get this unbelievable offers:

  • 19.47% discount on all products.
  • Free gifts to choose from:
  • Brother - Sister Watch Set
  • Home fragrance
  • Fashionable bag for women or Leather Wallet for Men

Remember the offer goes away 15th august mid-night or until the free gifts last.

Claim your free gifts while they are still available. We have only 27 of these exciting gifts left.

Here are a few things worth noticing in the above offer:

  • The discount is theme based 1947 - it is the year we got our independence. Hence the discount is 19.47%. Makes the discount much more interesting and believable.
  • The customer has three free gifts to choose from. Now, the customer is thinking which gift to get instead of thinking whether he/she should buy your product. That’s called Involvement. Involving your customers is guaranteed to increase conversions.
  • Lastly, there are two deadlines. First, the date when the offer expires and second, the number of gifts left. Any offer without a deadline is not an offer. Always have deadlines for your offers.

Ultimately, in the offers example above, the customer is presented with more than one reason to respond.

Such offers are far more powerful than simple, plain vanilla discount offers. Use it and you will increase your see much better sales results.

A word of caution - Your concept and your offers must believable and simple to understand.

Create your media plan

Now it's time to identify your the media's where you will promote your campaign. First and foremost place to start is your existing customer database. Your existing customers are much more responsive to your offers. Hence, sending them a series of emails about your discount offers is your lowest hanging fruit. Send them postcard and SMS simultaneously with email will increase the response.

You can also include an offer leaflet in each of your delivery packages.

External media

Whether you have a customer database or not, you need to spread your offers across multiple media channels. Make a list of all places where you can find your potential customers and list them down. Understand the cost on each channel and choose media channels based on judgment. A good place to look for media is to find out where your competitors are advertising.

Craft content for each media

Now that you have identified your media and locked down where you will promote your offer, you need to create graphics, banners, and content to promote your offer. For example, if you are launching a Google PPC campaign, you will need a landing page for your offer. If you are launching a Facebook Ad, you need to create graphics, headline, and text for the Facebook Ad. Here is an indicative list of content you need to create for your media channels:

  • Website banners
  • Landing page - content + graphics
  • Text Ad (for Google Ads,)
  • Banner Ads (For display advertising)
  • Email headers and graphics (for email campaign)x
  • SMS text messages
  • Postcard design
  • Facebook headlines, text message and graphics

Ultimately, you need to create messages and offers accordingly depending on the media channels you choose. If you are sending physical mailers or postcard, you need to get them printed beforehand.

When the content, graphics and landing pages for your marking campaign are ready, you are not yet ready. There is one critical piece left which is - measurement and tracking.

Measurement and Tracking

Make sure you have proper measurement and tracking in place before launching your campaign. An easy way to track the performance of your Ad campaigns for each media channel is to create separate discount coupons for every media channel. It is a surefire way to accurately measure conversions.

Here is how you can do so using eComNation discount code section:

  • 1. Login to your eComNation stores administration
  • 2. On the left menu, click on “Discount coupons” link
  • 3. Click on Add a Discount and enter the title and unique discount code for each media channel. For example,

    EML1947 - is your discount coupon for offers sent on email
    GGL1947 - is your discount coupon for your PPC campaign
    FBK1947 - is your discount coupon for your FB campaign
    PCR1947 - is your discount coupon for the postcard (physical mailer) campaign)
    MSG1947 - is your discount coupon for SMS campaign
    In fact, if you are running multiple campaigns on Facebook, it makes sense to create multiple coupons for each campaign so that you can accurately track the performance of each campaign.
    FBK1947-1 - is the discount code for Facebook campaign 1
    FBK1947-2 - is your discount code for Facebook campaign 2

Launch and Optimize

Always launch your campaign across multiple media’s simultaneously. It will multiply the impact of your marketing and your advertising money will work harder.

Do not leave your campaign unmonitored even for a day. Watch and measure conversion rates for each media separately. Depending on the performance of each campaign, you can pause the non-performing and increase the budget of your well-performing campaigns.

At the end of the day, we all strive for profits and measuring is the only way you can track how much money you made.

If you are launching such a campaign for the first time, the experience you gain from executing it will be far more valuable than the profits made. Because then you are becoming adept at building a marketing system that works for you profitably.

And the best part is - you built it and it can work year after year, of course with some changes and improvements.

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