Onsite Targeting: Hit the bull’s eyes all the times!

January 16, 2017
Onsite Targeting: Hit the bull’s eyes all the times!

You got it all right. You have setup a great online store. You have added all your products with amazing images and updated description. You have setup your payment gateway and logistics and spread the word about your new store. You wait for the orders. Now this wait can be long and frustrating sometimes. Especially when you see that you have healthy amount of daily visitors but no sales/conversions.

So how should you convert your daily visitors into customers?

Here we will give you some basic understanding of what exactly a conversion is and how can you increase the chances of conversions on your website.

Conversion :

A person visiting your website becomes a visitor and a visitor doing an action that you want him to do is called a conversion. Conversion can be anything from filling up a registration form to buying a product. eCommerce generally view purchase as a conversion.

A conversion rate is percentage of users doing a conversion out of all the visitors coming to your website. So your conversion rate will be 2% if 2 visitors buy your products out of 100 visitors.

When it comes to ecommerce in India, good conversion rate is around 2.25%. That’s it!?! This seems to be too low.

The good news is this conversion rate can be increased in many ways. One particular way that we will discuss today will be onsite targeting. Below is an example of onsite targeting.

Targeting your user with a very specific message or an offer when he/she is on your website and collecting their email address & other vital details in return of the offer is called onsite targeting. There are high chances that a person visiting your website may never visit your website again or remember your website’s url. So online targeting becomes very crucial and can not be ignored.

By following the exact steps that we are mentioning below you can attract and even convert your otherwise lost visitors.

  • Have an offer on your website that lures your visitor, this offer can be something of great value to your visitor.
  • Enable this offer via a popup as soon as the visitor is about to leave the website. Collect visitor’s information and delight him with your offer( say a 20% off coupon code)
  • Maintain database of such users and classify them internally. The classification can be based on visitor’s behaviour with the website and their persona. More on classification of visitors later.
  • Create regular newsletters and continue your communication with your customers via email marketing soft wares such as Mailchimp, Aweber and Campaign Monitor. Give them something that they look forward to read.

This cycle will help you increase your conversion rate up to a great extent. There will be many queries in your mind after going through this article like how do I create a pop up? How should I segregate my target audience? Why should I segregate? What should my newsletter consists of?

All of this and more will be addressed in my next article so stay tuned guys!

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