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The Verdict is Out: EcomNation is the Fastest E-commerce Platform On Earth

May 02 , 2019

If E-commerce website speed was an Olympic competition, EcomNation would win the Gold medal. 

For the past few months, our engineering team has been working on a top-secret project → Project Lightspeed. 

What is Project Lightspeed?

Project Lightspeed is at the heart of our philosophy - to make every e-commerce store powered by EcomNation open in less than 4 seconds. 

And I am glad to report, we have accomplished this feat. 

For example, take a look at the speed score of our home page:

So how can we proclaim to be the #1 in speed?

We tested the home page load time of top 37 E-commerce Platforms worldwide. And we documented results for all them in a spreadsheet:


At first, we could not believe it. So we double checked everything and it really turned out that we are #1. 

Why are we so fanatical about website performance?

The reason why we are so obsessed with website page load time is because today’s online consumer is in a hurry. Every second of delay can cost you tens of thousands of dollars in revenue each year. 

These statistics tell the story*:


So if you want to increase e-commerce revenues the most unlikely thing you can do today is to get your website to load below 4 seconds. 

At eComNation, a 4-second page load time is followed like a religion.

Today's shoppers are far more matured. They look for speed and simplicity.

Looking to optimize the speed of your e-commerce website in less time? We can help. 

Click here to learn more 

*Source: https://skilled.co/resources/speed-affects-website-infographic/

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