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eComJewel: The Five Core Pillars of Business Growth

1. Offer More Choices

Offer wider choice of design without actually keeping a physical stock. Reduce cost of inventory and sell more jewellery.

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2. Jewellery Personalization

Give high degree of personalization to your customer in their jewellery. Let customer feel the emotional connect with their jewellery. Make them feel special and let them reflect their unique personality in jewellery.

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3. Increase Customer Convenience

Provide 'At home" Jewellery shopping. Customer can view designs online and request the actual jewellery viewing at home.

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4. "In-Store" Smart Catalogue

With the In-stom smart catalogue, customers can quickly browse through a large number of jewellery designs on tablet while they are in your store. Increases their buying intensity and gives them more choice in short amount of time.

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5. Jewellery Store in Pocket

Customers can download your jewellery store app and browse your collection anytime. Whether they are traveling, relaxing at home on weekend or meeting a friend, your jewellery store will be always available, anywhere. We call it “anywhere shopping..

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Jewellery Customization Engine

The jewellery customization engine is at the heart of our ecommerce solution. It allows you to  seamlessly and easily create customization options for your products.


Metal Rates are dynamic and they keep changing with market, every single day. For example, a jewellery made with 22k gold can be changed to 18k rose gold to match the preferred style of an Urban working couple. Giving such personalization creates great possibility to meet preferences of the evolving on line jewellery shopper. The price of metal in a piece of jewellery is determined by these three parameters:

  • Carat - 18k, 22k, 24k
  • Metal Finish - White gold, Yellow Gold, Rose Gold
  • Metal Type - Gold, Silver, Platinum
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Jewellery Size

The second parameter is the overall size of the jewellery, because the size of the jewelry determines the volume of metal it holds. Based on the size selected by the end user, the final price of the jewellery will be automatically updated.

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Making Charge

Every piece of jewellery is crafted through a unique workmanship. Hence, the making charge of the jewellery varies. And this too is impacted based on the volume of the metal jewellery holds.

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In case of diamond, the cost is determined by color, si, clarity and shape, In case of solitaires, eves the rates are periodically governed by industry known organization called Rapport which mostly changes on a weekly basis.

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The price of jewellery should change based on the type of gemstones selected. You can specify both precious and semi-precious gemstones. The solution is designed in a way that administrator can instantly update rates on a regular basis without wasting time. The customization engine does all the heavy lifting of calculating the price (in real time) based on the option selected by the customer.

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What Do We Offer

eComJewel solution is offered via these

eJewels Compatible Template

A template which is made with diamond like magnificence and precision. It can be on and running in 7 days with your complete jewellery catalogue.

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Jewellery Customization Engine

Customization Engine One high degrees of jewellery personalization on website and mobile app. Price of jewellery gets auto updated based customization options selected.

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eJewelMobile App

An app that will be praised by users and owners equally. Unlike anything that you have ever seen or used before.

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