If you are looking to switch to ecomnation from bigcommerce, here are few reasons you should make the switch. 100’s of business have chosen ecomnation over big commerce.

Easy to use and navigate

Complex software makes it very difficult to use. Simple modules such as catalogue management, setting-up filters, etc.. is very painful

Simple ecommerce platform designed for SMB’s. Backed by Powerful Google cloud and world class technology infrastructure to compete with the big guns.


Paid templates ranges from $145 to $238. Most templates fails on page speed score and usability best practices.

Free templates with usability and conversion best practices to boost sales. Our customers have found their sales soaring after switching to conversion optimised templates.

Designing and Layout Editing

Complex template editor, slow page load time, and lack of flexibility makes it pain for designers and developers.

Flexible and powerful advance editor, with little knowledge of HTML/CSS user can give his/her website a complete new look.


BigCommerce provides paid support for layout level html/css fixes. Every request is going to drop dollars from your pocket.

Full scale html/css support along with video tutorials. A great working store is our mandate. No extra cost for technical support.

Feature Dumpyard

BigCommerce has lots of features which also brings lot of complexity. Not ideal for someone who’s not tech savvy. And, wants to remain lean. Hire fleat of people to manage the store and see your profits drain.

ecomnation has the most essential features which saves you from running around and make optimal use of your time. Desined with simplicity, you do not need to hire fleet to manage your store.


Difficult checkout process, multiple pages and conditions opens drop-off rates. Low on conversion leads to higher cost of marketing cost

Checkout built with usability best practices. No exit route, single page checkout, SSL certified improves trust and pushes user to complete the order. Improves sales and reduces cost of customer acquisition.

Order Management

Difficult to locate orders and processing it is even tiring. Complex order processing may create confusion.

Lean order process, auto notify users at every stage of order progress. Integrated with global shipping providers, print shipping labels without leaving the interface.

Uploading Large catalogue

Cannot include the image while uploading the products in bulk. The task becomes cumbersome and can take 100’s of hours of manual work when you have large number of products to set-up..

Bulk image upload is connected with Dropbox. System automatically pulls the product images from dropbox and does the work in minutes instead of hours.

Shipping Quotes in Checkout

Heavy checkout process includes dependency of data from third party shipping company is prone to drop-off rates.

No dependency on third party api or web services during the checkout makes the checkout process a breeze. No roadblocks, no exit route, faster orders.

Pricing and Plan Comparison

The pricing and plan are compared between the two platforms when the ecommerce website is in a growth phase


Upto 500


10,000+ / month


500+ / month


$15k / month

Order Value

$30 / month




Online Sale Per Year

Upto 400k** (+$150/mo for each additional $200k in online sales)


Manual Order Creation


Notification Engine


Shipping Labels


URL Redirection


Reward Points


Custom facets (product filtering)


Offline Payments


Bullk Upload Product Images


API Support


Third Party Integration API Support


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  • Free SSL Certificate
  • High converting single page checkout
  • No commission on sales
  • No extra bandwidth cost to grow your business