A Team driven by Passion & Commitment

We are closely knitted team of 15 Amazing indviduals with great mindset and drive to contribute to the progress of small business.

Chirag Jobanputra - Co-founder & CEO

Chirag has 14+ years of experience in launching successful online properties for prestigious companies and government organizations. He has developed and implemented website strategy for leading companies such as Kotak Bank, Network 18, CtrlS, Coal Junction, and Landmark Group.

The team at eComnation truly believes in his vision and he always keeps on inspiring through his never dying passion towards eCommerce.

Hrishikesh Jobanputra - Marketing Expert & Co-founder

Hrishikesh Jobanputra is an author and marketing advisor to forward thinking entrepreneurs. He has 16+ years of experience in marketing, strategy and consulting. Hrishikesh helps businesses of all sizes gain an unfair competitive advantage using the power of inbound marketing.

Nitin Salunke - Senior ROR Developer

Yes another Goan boy from the team. Nitin heads our product development and is really passionate about coding. You can expect him to crack small jokes at any situation, sometimes even in a middle of a hot debate, YES ANY!

Neeraj Doharey - ROR Developer

Neeraj is your boy next door. He is one of the most humble person in the team. A thorough fitness enthusiast, when he is not working he can be found in long discussions about fitness with his fellow team mates.

Scanny Domnic Mascarenhas - ROR Developer

A typical Goan by heart, Scanny is our Smiling Ninja. He takes every task as a challenge and delivers with pro activeness. He loves eating chicken a lot. Next time you prepare your chicken do not forget to invite him for dinner!

Manan Bhatt - eCommerce Advisor

Manan is one of the most talented and dynamic individual at eComNation. He is deeply passionate about eCommerce. Manan loves playing cricket and he is crazy about anything SWEET. He is always found reading interesting things online or offline.

Divya Dad - Account Executive & Office Administrator

She is ecomnation's support system. Daily operations can hit a serious low if she is not around for a couple of days. Our fresh bride to be is managing both personal and professional operations quite steadily. Where is that file Divya!

Abhilesh Halarnkar - Android-IOS Developer

Mr Abhilesh is our Mobile Man. He has been always keen about Android and IOS technologies and he leads Android and IOS apps development at eComnation. He enjoys hot coffee and light music.

Chetan Teli - Android Developer

Did anyone say FISH! This guy is all charged up. Yes, Mr Chetan is a sea food lover and has been an ardent movie lover. Coding apps in Android is his latest area of interest.

Jignesh Vyas - Business Development Manager

Imagine a spartan leading from front in a battlefield. Yes Jignesh is that guy! We have never seen him dull at any given moment. Always ready to tame the monster be it work or sports he tries to up the ante every single time.

Tanuja Joshi - Support Specialist

Breath of fresh air! An ever lasting smile adorns her face, a girl who has never stopped to impress the team with her dedication and sincereness towards any work shared with her. Tanuja has been everyone's favorite from the day she joined eComnation.

Prasoon Lodhi - Front End Developer

The Silent One. People have rarely seen him talking more than 5 mins at a stretch. He silently works his day out. But boy look at the output he delivers in developing front end and you will be really amazed.

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