Premium Services

Premium Services

At times, you might find yourself situation where you need someone to help you fix html, css or javascript on your ecommerce website. Certain times you need to configure third party javascript, or simply need help in changing the banner. We are here to help you out in every situation. Paid support provides peace of mind because you know a team is one click away to help you out. Following are the list of technical support we currently provide. In case you need not mentioned here, you can write us an email at [email protected] with a service request and we will let you know the cost of such need.

Service USD INR Unit Turnaround Time
Home Page and structural Changes such as modifying banner area, or changing banner structure. Or implementation of a new section. $29 Rs. 2000 Per Instance 2 Days
Banner setup, adding new banner or replacing existing banner anywhere on the website $10 Rs.700 Per banner 1 Days
Inserting instagram, facebook or twitter widget $10 Rs.700 Per widget 1 Days
Installation of mega menu by replacing simply menu. $50 Rs.3000 Per menu 2 Days
Inserting review widget in product detail page $20 Rs.1500 Per unit 1 Days
Pop-op Box with mailing list and image in the background. Image to be provided by customer $20 Rs.1500 Per box 1 Days
Product comparison widget. The widget allows user to configure multiple products with price and attributes $50 Rs.3000 Per instance 2 Days
Replace product zoom with new widget. Please note that you will have to purchase zoom component separately from third party websites $75 Rs.4,000 Per component 3 days

How to Order Premium Support

Premium technical support can be ordered through your store admin panel. You can navigate to following section

Dashboard > Help > Premium Technical Support

You can choose the service you want to order and place the order. The cost of paid technical support will be immediately charged from your store account balance. In case you have negative balance, system will prompt you to pay for the technical charges. Once you have paid, we will initiate the process to fulfil the request.

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