Service Declaration

Service Declaration

Whether you are looking for help to use features, or need help using tags, API’s, we are here to answer all your queries. Please read through our support guidelines such that we can do our best to help you.

  • eComNation support Hours of Operation: 09:30 am to 06:30pm. Support will process the request during the hours of operation. Any request received outside the operation hours it will be process during the next business day.
  • To open a case related to help, send us an email at [email protected] or you can visit our help desk at >
  • You will get first response of any new query within 30 minutes, which will be acknowledgment of the query.
  • You will get detailed revert regarding support request within 24 hours with estimated time to resolve the support request.
  • If you need hands on help on using the product, you can visit our support portal that has guide for every section. In case you find anything missing, open up a case by writing us at [email protected]
  • General support such as answer questions to any queries are provided at no additional cost to subscribers of all the plans.


  • We will provide you the earlier and future development updates on monthly basis
  • If eComNation expects the planned or unplanned maintenance which affect availability of the service, we will use reasonable efforts to provide you advance notice of such maintenance.
  • If we fail to provide you such notice in advance, we will communicate the reason about such event.

New feature Request

We have built eComNation to solve your problem and our biggest source of inspiration is our customers. At the same time it is our duty to make you available software which is simple to use, which is not cluttered with 100’s of features with 80% of people don’t use and which makes the system slow, bulky and difficult to operate. With this commitment, we follow some simple rules related to new feature request.

  • If eComNation support considers a request to be a feature request then support will not be immediate in nature. Instead, we will register such requests as feature request and close the ticket.
  • eComNation holds full rights to reject any new feature request. If the support request is accepted, we will notify its release through our blog or newsletter.
  • If you are asking us to add a certain feature, please provide the exact nature of the problem you want us to solve, why this feature is useful, and what positive impact it will create in the life of an individual running ecommerce business. If you already know already available solutions than do let us know about it, we might integrate the service instead of writing a completely new feature.

Technical Support

Technical support is critical when you run your online business. The technical support includes range of subjects such as inserting or modifying tags, configuring JavaScript, or API’s.

Tag Library

Tags library plays important role if you are looking to create or modify ecommerce templates. Tag library can be accessed on following URL: ecomnation

We regularly update our tag library to provide you the most updated tags. We also maintain tags that are phased out.

API’s Documentation

If you are looking to integrate ecomnation API’s with your system, you will need an access token. You can obtain access token by emailing us at [email protected] with your store URL, and brief description about the integration that you aim to do. If we find your request in direct conflict with our service, we reserve the right to not issue you the API token. API related documentation can be accessed on following URL: ecomnation

Technical Support Forum

For any specific technical questions related to using tags or using API’s such as ‘how do I archive x by doing y’ type of questions, we suggest you to post your queries on stackoverflow instead of writing us a support request. We are pretty active on the forum and respond to you within 24 hours. Here is the URL: ecomnation

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